What is PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the  examination and testing of electrical appliances and equipment within your workplace to ensure they are safe to use. Although many electrical defects can be found by visual examination PAT testing can detect non visual issues and protects your business from electrical accidents from faulty equipment. This includes computer systems, kitchen and household equipment, small to medium sized machinery and power tools.

  • Keeps your workplace safe

  • Helps to prevent important tools and equipment from fatal damage

About us

We are a specialist business dedicated to Portable Appliance (P.A.T. ) Testing covering mainly Central Scotland. Offering a high level of service and using the most advanced testers and bluetooth label printers. On completion we send out test results, asset lists and signed certificates. As the owner of the business does all the PAT testing, our customers enjoy great value-for-money, exceptional personal assurances that their property gets treated with care and every effort is made to ensure that workplaces are safe and that electrical appliances are also free of defects. We are fully insured with £5m Public Liability Insurance. In addition £250,000 Indemnity Insurance.

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PAT Testing visual check unit

What we do

We offer a comprehensive service of inspection (visual) and testing (battery powered Seaward testers) providing very detailed records to assist with managing preventative maintenance within your premises. Data entered is correlated by the exclusive Seaward software — PATGUARD 3 — in to easy to read asset lists, fully detailed results, summary of tests and a certificate.

  • All items tested are labelled with a unique Barcoded number which greatly assists tracing assets over their in-service lifetime.
  • Risk Assessments — Photos are taken and added to the file thereby further improving safety. Minor repairs are carried out — rewiring plugs, fitting correctly rated fuses.
  • Optional — microwave radiation leakage, tests, replacing damaged 13amp or 110v plugs (quotation on request).
  • Testing of wall sockets.

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